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Nextboards team’s vision is to build the next generation of personal transport vehicles. Driven by passion for speed we had the idea to create the fastest electric longboard on the planet. After endless hours of R&D the dream came true.

On an airport runaway the new official Guinness World Record was set at an incredible speed of 95.83 km/h (60 mph). Just to add we have measured an insane 102,9 km/h (64 mph) with two GPS speed trackers on one of the test runs. Garmin tracker proof.

Inspired by the achieved speed we felt a strong need to develop an electric longboard that we can offer to the market so that everybody could benefit from what we have learned.

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The future is bringing the next generation electric vehicle for everyone.

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Setting the new milestone

Mischo Erban set world speed record on NGV’s electric longboard – the nextboard.
Guinness officials demanded speed greater than 84 km/h (52 mph). The official result from the record setting attempt was 95.83 km/h (60 mph). Read more …

Mischo Erban

Mischo Erban is Canadian longboarder, world champion downhill and Guinness world record holder for fastest skateboard speed from a standing position.

Especially for Mischo, all adventure lovers and people who aspire to be a part of thrill seeking experiences NGV designed the super fast electric longboard.

Nextboards – longboards you’ll never outgrow

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