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Nextboards – longboards for the next generation

Nextboards are 4WD vehicles driven by four Scorpion motors, custom made for NGV and two Tattu 6S batteries connected in series.

The motors are installed into our custom made wheels with a diameter of 76 mm or 85 mm and a contact patch of 65 mm. They are controlled by BLDC motor controllers with our own developed software which enables very exact control of the motor in every mode of operation. Precise motor control enables us to have our motors hermetically sealed in order to prevent any debris from polluting the interior of the motor. During our testing on flat ground the internal temperature of our motors didn’t exceed 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) with speeds over 100 km/h (62 mph).

The board is primarily made for longboarders, downhillers and speed enthusiasts. They are born for speed and we just want to give them an option to get to this speed on flat and maybe more secure surfaces. Our vision exceeds the usual use of electric skateboards and we want to see it being used for competitions in all kinds of skateboarding disciplines, such as downhill racing, slalom, freestyle and similar. On the other hand, this is a product that grows with his owner. When the ride gets boring with 30 km/h (18 mph) the board could be unlocked to a higher speed. With 4WD and programmed limited slip diff our board is extremely stable at high speeds.

The most powerful electric skateboard doesn’t have the looks (yet) and the longest distance reach but it sure is a beast when it comes to power and maximum speed.

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Setting the new milestone

Mischo Erban set world speed record on NGV’s electric longboard – the nextboard.
Guinness officials demanded speed greater than 84 km/h (52 mph). The official result from the record setting attempt was 95.83 km/h (60 mph). Read more …

Mischo Erban

Mischo Erban is Canadian longboarder, world champion downhill and Guinness world record holder for fastest skateboard speed from a standing position.

Especially for Mischo, all adventure lovers and people who aspire to be a part of thrill seeking experiences NGV designed the super fast electric longboard.

Nextboards – longboards you’ll never outgrow

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