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About NGV

Love for fast, small and fun electric vehicles drives who we are and what we do. With dedication, commitment and team spirit we develop and innovate the electric drives for electric vehicles. Longboards, scooters, bicycles, outboard motors, sup and surf boards and even cars.

Specially designed and controlled BLDC motors enable the optimal usage of the electric drive in many applications.

Nextboards – the world’s fastest electric longboards

We upgraded the classic longboard to a higher level by combining existing high quality components with NGV electric drive.

What makes our product so unique is the fact that this is the only electric longboard in the world able to compete with conventional skateboards in terms of reaching similar speeds.

NGV team

Tone Gorup, Chief Engineer and Founder

Borut Rismal, Investor and Founder

Mischo Erban, Test Rider and Consultant

Toni Dernovšek, Project Manager and Co-founder

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