Power and Speed - Nextboards
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Power and Speed

There are lots of discussions going on about why the Nextboard is so fast. How do we achieve that?

Nextboards are powered by redesigned BLDC motors that are fully optimized to power high-performance electric longboards with in-wheel motors.

Our longboards have a 4-wheel drive (4WD) system, which provides great torque for slow and uphill riding, while delivering incredible final speeds over of 100 km/h.
The motors have a diameter of only 50 mm, which allows us to develop wheels with a diameter of 85 mm and a 17.5 mm thick polyurethane rubber.

How do we achieve this? For the speeds we want to reach, the electric winding of the motors is designed so that the motors can rotate with a maximum of 9,000 revs per minute. However, since it’s important that slow cruising is precisely controlled, we are facing a major challenge: How to design the motor so that it can be precisely controlled in the range of 90 to 9000 revs per minute, while providing enough power and torque in all operating modes?

In order to achieve this, the problem was resolved in several layers:

[1] With innovative and optimized motor design.
Our motors use a 28-magnetic-pole rotor to provide good torque and precise engine control at lower-speeds.

[2] By mounting motors into all wheels.
With this we diminish stress to each motor a lot, while ensuring better driving control and greater stability at high speeds.

[3] Precise control of all four motors.
Our own ESC firmware has been developed specifically for the electric longboard and optimized for our motors, the size of the wheels and the specificity of riding on a fast 4WD board.