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Range 10 miles (16km) with one 6S battery – 9000 mAh or

20 miles (32 km) with two 6S batteries – 9000 mAh

at average speed 17 mph (27 km/h)

Top Speed up to 22 mph (36 km/h) with 4S battery;

up to 35 mph (55 km/h) with 6S battery;

up to 47 mph (75km/h) with 8S battery,

up to 68 mph (110km/h) with 12S battery

Hills More than 25% gradient, rider weight 100 kg, speed 15 mph
Deck material high grade custom molded carbon fiber, weight 800 g only
Deck length 103 cm
Deck wheelbase 75 cm
Trucks Bear Kodiaks 160mm/180mm with extender
Wheels NGV 85 mm wheels on alu core, contact patch 70mm, 80 shore A special urethane mix
Motors 4x NGV 2000W 180kv BLDC inwheel motors
Bearings industrial
Battery(*) compatible 4S to 12S LiPo battery min 5000mAh capacity, discharge 25C or more;

or equivalent LiFePo4 battery

Battery compartment Length 420 mm, Width 80 mm, Height 40 mm
Weight 7 kg + battery
Braking regenerative, ABS
Acceleration safe start – push start 1,5 mph, controlled acceleration – top speed achived in 10-12 seconds
Remote bluetooth – 2 speed settings
Max Load 140 kg
Terrain Smooth and hard surfaces ie tarmac, bitumen, concrete
Slides Yes, just like on any other top quality non electric longboard
(*) Battery not included, you can find recommended battery here